Hey, Young Voters!

You voted for Obama in overwhelming numbers, didn’t ya? How’s that working out for you?

When Congress was getting ready to raise the minimum wage, a lot of us said that this would kill the job market for youth. Because, quite frankly, young workers aren’t worth $7.25 an hour. The businesses that traditionally take on the newest members of the work force have very low expectations and, usually, very low profit margins. When the minimum wage shot up, most of them they didn’t just bump their payroll proportionately — they simply made do with fewer workers.

Further, when the economy started tanking, a lot of us noted that this would result in workers taking lower-paying jobs. This had the effect of shifting the workforce down the pay scale — and the people at the bottom would just get shoved off. Teenagers seeking out the traditional jobs find themselves now competing with applicants in their 20s, 30s, even 40s and up.

And when given a choice between an 18-year-old rookie and someone older, with more experience, maturity, and skills, employers more often than not do the smart thing.

So, kids, can’t get a job flipping burgers because Uncle Bob beat you to it? Landscapers ain’t interested in someone who hasn’t been doing it for several years? Movie theaters choosing Mom and Dad instead of you to sweep the aisles?

That’s what you voted for, kids. Elections have consequences.

Now go and fetch me some pudding.

RightOnline in Las Vegas
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