Don't Let The Door Hit Ya Where Allah Done Split Ya

Well, there are a whole bunch of Muslim Facebook users who aren’t too happy with the site. Apparently, it doesn’t sufficiently cater to their faith. First, it suspended four popular pages that broke its Terms of Service; second, it didn’t immediately cancel and ban some pages that promoted the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” event. If Facebook doesn’t prove it’s a good little dhimmi, they’ll leave it for a more Islamic-centric social networking site.

Let’s take a look at those two demands. First up, the suspended sites. I’m not a Facebook user, but the explanation seems pretty clear to me:

According to Facebook the Islamic pages, which included ‘I love Mohammed’ and ‘Quran Lovers’, were taken down because they were being used to ‘spam’ users, which is against the company’s policy.

The pages were were using a JavaScript code that when entered in the address bar, would add all a user’s friends to the Page Suggestions – making it similar to spamming people across Facebook.

A spokeswoman said: ‘The pages in question were taken down because they violated our policies about spamming users. These pages were not removed because of content violations.’

The rules say don’t spam other users. They don’t say “don’t spam other users, unless you’re doing it in Allah’s name.”

As for the second demand, that one is even easier to dismiss.

The letter demands that … disrespecting Islamic religious symbols is banned and any Facebook page which does so is disabled.

Respect and tolerance for others’ beliefs is a good thing. Getting the law to enforce it — in effect, forcing others outside your faith to abide by and enforce the specific tenets of your faith — is tyranny.

Years ago, I said something that bears repeating: do I, a non-Muslim living in a non-Muslim nation, have the right to disobey and ignore Islamic law? By what right do these Muslim Facebook users have to demand that Facebook — a secular company, headquartered in a non-Muslim nation and owing no fealty to the Byzantine, capricious, and draconian tenets of that faith — enforce their rules on all their users, regardless of faith or nationality?

I’m an agnostic, but I have many times expressed my respect for Christianity and Judaism. But I still enjoy mocking them on occasion — such as this cartoon which is a crass but amusing swipe at both.

It seems that there are a lot of Muslims are bound and determined to prove that the tenets of their faith are incompatible with democracy and Western civilization. They demand that we “show our respect” by forfeiting our inalienable rights.

Fortunately, American history offers us a splendid precedent for this situation: “Nuts!”

And for those who find that too wordy:


Update:Yes, I changed the title. See Comment #5 for an explanation.

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