Massachusetts legislature may pass a bill that throws its electoral college votes to the popular vote winner

The Massachusetts legislature is working on a bill that will alter how its electoral votes are cast in presidential elections. This bill says Massachusetts electoral votes will go to the candidate who wins the popular vote. So what happens if in 2012 the popular vote winner is a Republican and the vast majority of Massachusetts voters voted for Obama?

I can’t imagine that majority of Massachusetts voters would be very happy.

While not perfect, the electoral college is the most effective way to make sure the majority of the American people who live in densely populated cities and states don’t run roughshod over the interests of those who live in sparsely populated rural areas, which is what would certainly happen in a straight popular vote.

There’s a reason why we are a Representative Republic and not a direct democracy. Marvin Simkin from San Diego was absolutely right when he wrote this in the LA Times back in January, 1992:

Democracy is not freedom. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. Freedom comes from the recognition of certain rights which may not be taken, not even by a 99% vote. Those rights are spelled out in the Bill of Rights and in our California Constitution. Voters and politicians alike would do well to take a look at the rights we each hold, which must never be chipped away by the whim of the majority.

Hat tip: Daily Caller

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