Department of Justice's new website

The Department of Justice has a new design for its website. It’s very attractive and clearly well designed, but something doesn’t feel right. While it clearly states in the header that it’s the website for the United States Department of Justice, but you wouldn’t know it was even associated with the United States except for the seals and logos. The colors are black and gold. Where’s the red, white, and blue? From appearances, it looks like the designers worked overtime to remove all traces of familiarity and replaced it with cold and harsh.


Now compare that to the State Department‘s site:


The Department of the Interior does not use red, white, and blue, but it’s warm and thoroughly American in its feel. Virtually all the other cabinet websites have a sense of warmth and an Americanesque feel to them.

So why is Justice’s website so cold? Just because it’s a law enforcement site doesn’t mean it has to be so severe. Even the FBI’s site keeps its theme familiarly American.

Instapundit links to Right Coast who describes the DOJ site as “creepy.” The creepiness, I think, is a reflection of its disconnectedness.

Then again, it seems to accurately reflect Obama’s and Holder’s disconnect from the rest of America.

There is a stealth jihad going on
"Obama's transformational agenda is a play in two acts."