Louis Farrakhan has finally gone insane.

The leader of the Nation Of Islam has decided that it’s time to heal the rift between America’s blacks and Jews. And the best way for that to begin is for Jews to give him money.

Farrakhan’s move should come as no surprise. He’s simply following the example of the Palestinians, who have announced that they are willing to open negotiations with Israel — as long as Israel gives in to all of the Palestinians’ demands first.

And since President Obama has expressed tacit support for this tactic (by setting the US policy to lean on Israel for concessions, while making no demands upon the Palestinians), why shouldn’t what’s seeming to work in the Middle East also work in the US?

Jewish leaders hope that isn’t the case — they’ve forwarded Farrakhan’s letter to the White House and are hoping he’ll denounce it — or, at least, distance himself from it.

Good luck. There is some overlap between the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party, and we’ve already seen that the Obama administration is inclined to turn a blind eye to offenses committed by the NBBP.

The most insulting part has to be how Farrakhan is utterly ignoring the role that Jews played in the American civil rights movement. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Jews were disproportionately represented in the ranks of the Civil Rights movement. Hell, one of the most famous lynchings in the 1960s — the incident that inspired at least three movies, including “Mississippi Burning” — was the killing of three young men and their burial in an earthen dam. One of the men was a black Mississippian; the other two were Jewish civil rights activists.

Jews were also disproportionately represented in the Freedom Riders program — estimates say half to two-thirds of the white riders were Jewish. It was so prevalent that in Allan Sherman’s satirical “Sarah Jackman,” he included the couplet “How’s your cousin Ida? / She’s a Freedom Rider.” And it was put into a whole string of cliche’s about Jews.

And, of course, Jews also gave a lot of money to the cause. But it’s more important to note that they didn’t just write checks — they put their lives on the line for racial justice and integration.

It’s time for Farrakhan to be fully repudiated by the left — those who have been enabling him for decades. This incredibly tasteless and tacky attempt at extortion is obscene.

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