Outsourcing, And The Dangers Thereof

Well, they’re at it again. A union is unhappy with a business, so they’re expressing their dissent in the traditional fashion. But they’re not quite upset enough to do the picketing themselves, so they’ve hired people to do the actual marching.

At minimum wage, of course. And with no benefits.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done this. Previously, union organizers were unhappy at Wal-Mart (well, they still are), so they picketed a store in Las Vegas. But since it was Vegas, it was too beastly hot for actual union members to do the walking. So they hired a bunch of people at minimum wage to walk the picket line, with no water, no breaks, no benefits, nothing.

At that time, I suggested Wal-Mart could have scored a PR coup by inviting the picketers to come inside the air-conditioned store and fill out applications for jobs — at above minimum wage.

That reflects the danger of “crowds for hire.” Their loyalty isn’t to the cause or the group, but to the paycheck. And it wouldn’t take much to sway that loyalty — say, imagine what would happen if one of those targeted groups offered the protesters a buck an hour more to do things like sweep the parking lot, unload trucks, and the like.

Or — even more fun — to move on over to the union headquarters and hold signs in favor of right-to-work laws and investigations into union corruption.

The unions have already established that this would be a fair tactic. It’d be fun to see them utterly lose it when it’s turned back on them.

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