Utah List Leak Suspects Identified

Authorities in Utah say they have identified two suspects who they believe released that list of 1300 alleged illegal aliens, complete with names, addresses, Social Security numbers, work places, and — in some cases — pregnant women’s due dates.

As expected, the two are state workers in the division that handles food stamps and other welfare programs. They apparently had strong opinions about illegal aliens (the article doesn’t specify, but the implication is that they weren’t that fond of them), and have been placed on “administrative leave” — but not whether or not it’s paid or unpaid leave.

Under Utah law, releasing a private record can get you up to six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. If you steal it to release it, it goes up to one year and $5,000.

I’d like to see these two people get charged with about 1,300 counts of each.

Apparently, in Utah illegal aliens can get certain forms of welfare benefits — and the state notes their immigration status. These two suspects had access to that information.

It’s also worth noting that at least a few people on that list have stated publicly that they are in the United States legally. My hunch is that at least one media outlet that got the list called a few people and said “hey, you’re on this list of alleged illegal aliens. Are you here illegally?”

Watch for the left to jump all over this story, now that it seems likely that the leakers were against illegal immigration. And god help us if either of them ever attended a Tea Party. They will be used to smear the entire pro-legal-immigration-only side, much like that census worker who staged his suicide to look like a lynching was blamed on the right.

Personally, I don’t care. I only heard/saw a few people sticking up for the distribution of the list. Most people either denounced it or said nothing. But it’s almost sad, how predictable the left will be over this.

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