They've Got A Little List…

…and you’re probably not on it.

Ever heard of EMILY’S List? The fund-raising group for women running for public office? If you’re like me, that’s pretty much all you know about it.

Oh, and the name. Most people even know that there is no “Emily” — it’s an acronym for the beginning of the old political aphorism “Early Money Is Like Yeast — it helps the dough rise.” It reflects that early fundraising success helps candidates raise even more money later, and spread their message further.

Beyond that? Not much.

Well, it turns out that EMILY’S List has a far more restrictive mission statement. It isn’t about helping women in general, or advancing women’s issues. Its focus is considerably narrower:

The mission is simple, really: EMILY’s List is dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.

Single-issue group, single-party loyalty, single-sex demands. You gotta hit all three — pro-choice, Democrat, and woman — to get their support.

Whoops, it’s even worse. You’re their enemy.

Now, let’s make it clear: they are acting completely within their rights. They have every right to say that “we want to raise money and support pro-choice Democratic women exclusively.”

But that kind of narrow focus should be front and center every time their name comes up. You gotta hit all three of their criteria, or forget it.

And it’s only appropriate to point out that if you don’t agree with their complete agenda, don’t support them. If you would rather vote for a male candidate who is more in tune with your beliefs than the female, don’t send them money. If you think that there are, indeed, some valid and legitimate restrictions to abortion, pass them by. If you occasionally think that a Republican might do a better job than a Democrat, don’t write that check.

A perfect encapsulation of their narrow-mindedness was in the recent Massachusetts Senate election. The Republican candidate was Scott Brown — a moderate (by most state’s standards), a guy with a good record of accomplishments and of decent character. His opponent was Democrat Martha Coakley, an utter incompetent and blathering idiot who has been an incredibly lousy Attorney General, ignoring the tremendous corruption in the Massachusetts state government and doing her best to let a child rapist go free. (Luckily, her incompetence triumphed there, and the guy was convicted in spite of her “best” efforts.)

When it came to EMILY’S List, though, deciding whether or not Coakley would get their support was a simple matter of going down their very short checklist.

Democrat? Yup.
Pro-Choice? Yup.
Woman? Yup.

Ka-ching! A quarter of a million dollars went out pushing Coakley — money that was pretty much flushed down the drain.

So, remember, the next time you hear about a fundraiser or appeal for EMILY’S List, it’s only for pro-choice Democratic women. All other issues — or whether or not the candidate is even competent — simply don’t apply.

And if you happen to be a woman who doesn’t fit into both their other categories, consider yourself to their ENEMIES List. You’re probably already there.

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