OK, this shit’s gotta stop.

No, that’s not quite right.

That shit’s gotta be stomped down, and stomped down HARD.

In Utah, someone’s put together a list of alleged illegal aliens, complete with names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers (apparently ones they’ve allegedly stolen), workplaces, even names of children and pregnant women’s due dates. Then, under the name of “Concerned Citizens Of America,” they’ve sent the list to a variety of people and organizations, including state agencies and media outlets.

The list has about 1,300 names, and mostly seem to be Hispanic.

I’m a hawk on illegal immigration issues. I have no problems declaring that the law is the law, and needs — desperately needs — to be enforced. I am utterly disgusted with the Obama administration’s militant refusal to do what it swore to do a year ago January 20.

But this… this is so far over the line that it can’t even see the line.

Remember the fuss in California when those who had supported the gay marriage ban had their names, addresses, and work places publicized, and many were harassed and hounded for daring to express their opinions? That was wrong.

This is the same damned thing, to the nth degree.

We have no idea who is behind the list. We have no idea about it accuracy. And if it has even one person on that list who is not an illegal alien, then the distributors have committed a serious crime, if not several. (“Libel” and “harassment” and “reckless endangerment” come to mind. “Accessory to Identity Theft” might not be an actual crime, but if it is, toss that in there too.)

I have my own theory who did this, in a general sense. Actually, two.

The first is that some whackjob in a position to access this sort of information (I’d look at government workers in the welfare/human services department) put it together out of disgust over what they saw as illegal aliens getting what they saw as undeserved benefits at American taxpayer expense, and decided to do something about it.

The second, less likely but still possible, theory, is that someone in a similar position but more pro-illegal-alien put togther the list, “salted” it with some people they knew were not illegal aliens, and sent it out to discredit the enforce-the-law side.

In any case, I doubt that the “Concerned Citizens Of America” (an exceptionally generic name) number more than a couple — at best. It smells like the sort of thing that one guy (and I’d bet it was a man) uses to make it seem like he’s not just some lone nut.

Regardless, the distributor of this list needs to be identified and prosecuted. There’s no way I can see for this list to be assembled without breaking some serious privacy laws, and sending it out violates even more of them.

And if/when he’s caught, regardless of his motivation, he needs to spend some serious quality time behind bars.

We don’t need this shit. And we need to make certain nobody else is tempted to try anything like this again.

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