Where We Are

Recently I engaged a liberal friend in a comment exchange on his blog concerning Tea Party “racism.” I started working on a piece about our conversation, but after re-writing most of it in the form of a blog post, I realized how tiresome the whole subject has become. I decided to pretty much scrap that whole piece, except for listing his two main arguments for why the Tea Party movement is racist:

1) Recent Tea Party (or supposedly affiliated) protests have included anger and isolated cases of inappropriate or offensive language directed at a black man (President Obama) or other blacks (e.g. the “n-word” incident involving Rep. John Lewis and members of the CBC). Therefore it is only reasonable to suspect racism as a significant component of the Tea Party movement.

2) Why were there no Tea Party protests while George Bush (nudge, nudge “Whitey McWhiteMan” wink, wink) was president, racking up record deficits and wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on a worthless war in Iraq? (Seriously, I’m not making this one up … okay, I did throw in the Whitey part.)

The fatuousness of these arguments plainly illustrates the glaring double standard applied by leftists to causes that are presumed to be associated with progressivism, versus causes that are presumed to be associated with conservatism. It doesn’t matter that the anti-war movement has had no serious black leaders since the era of MLK and Muhammad Ali, or that “token” is a generous description of black turn-out at recent anti-war rallies, or that evidence of virulent anti-Semitism is abundant at anti-war rallies — anti-war is progressive, therefore it is not racist. QED.

Frankly I think it’s pointless to keep arguing about these double standards, because this summer has been a major turning point for liberals. Whatever reasoning abilities they may have had before this summer have now been chucked out the window and replaced with real, raw panic. And you can’t reason with a madman, nor can you convince him of his own madness.

Put simply, the Democrats are in a pickle. A big one. In only a year and a half, through a stunning series of partisan power grabs and multi-trillion dollar spending orgies, they have managed to squander the greatest supply of goodwill and political capital offered to their party since the Great Depression, and by doing so they have successfully alienated a significant number of Americans. You can easily break down the reasons for this frustration and anger by income level:

  • People who still have money/a job – “Holy crap — how much is all of this new stuff (very little of which will actually help me directly) going to cost, and will I even be able to leave an inheritance for my family?
  • People who used to have money/a job – “What has the President done to turn the economy around so that I can start earning money again? And if I ever get the chance to make money again, how much of it will be taken away to pay for all this new stuff (very little of which will actually help me directly) that was apparently more important than fixing the economy?
  • People who have never had money/a job – “Where’s all our free stuff? Hey, you promised!

Look at the latest CBS News poll numbers:

  • The country’s most important problem? 38% said the economy; all other responses (including the BP oil spill) were in the single digits
  • Most serious economic problem? 38% say jobs and unemployment
  • Percent of Americans who believe the recession will last at least two more years? 51%
  • Condition of the economy? 82% say “bad”
  • 54% disapprove of the way Obama has handled the economy
  • 52% say Obama has spent too little time on the economy
  • 56% say that the stimulus had no impact on the economy
  • 63% say that President Obama’s economic programs have had no personal impact
  • Overall approval/disapproval for President Obama – tied 44%/44%

These numbers are far, far worse than the marks given to the Democrats and Bill Clinton in 1994, and in the ’94 midterms, the American people gave the Democrats an ass-whooping of near Biblical proportions that lasted for twelve years. Liberals know this. They also know that they have to come up with an explanation for why they will lose so badly in November. Fortunately for liberals, one particular kind of mud always sticks to the wall — allegations of RAAAAAAACISM!!!!

So here we go — pick the target (Tea Party movement), polarize it (Racism! Racism! Racism! – plus they’re just plain dumb), and personalize it (they’re out to get YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Melanin-enriched America). Watch MSNBC’s Chris Matthews come unglued as he tries to create one racist strawman after another. Go ahead. It’s really kind of funny.

And that’s where we are right now, and where we’ll continue to be for some time, I’m afraid. As our own Rick pointed out earlier, we can pretty much kiss Obama’s promise of an idyllic, post-racial America goodbye.

We can also hope that America at large has finally had it with the asinine charges of racism now being levied at the country by Democrats. It’s time we pulled the race card out of the deck once and for all.

What is it about the word cracker?