NAACP: Making Alinsky Proud

The NAACP hit a quadruple-play of lunacy this week.

First, we have Michelle Obama giving a “funny, warm, and deeply serious” address to the increasingly irrelevant organization.


We are living today in a time where we’re decades beyond slavery, we are decades beyond Jim Crow,” the First Lady said, “when one of the greatest risks to our children’s future is their own health.”

She blamed cultural changes that have taken place within her own lifetime that have seen children grow inactive, watching endless hours of television and consuming regular diets of junk food. She ranged from breast feeding to food deserts, and put responsibility on parents without sounding like Bill Cosby did in his pound cake speech to the NAACP in 2004.

Obesity is as serious a risk to African Americans as bad schools, youth violence and HIV/AIDS she said. Black children are far more likely than white children to become obese, and nearly half are expected to develop diabetes. “People, that’s half of our children,” she said.

The audience ate it up, as her speech was dotted by several clapping episodes and laughter at her down-home jokes.

For what other purpose than to set a defiant tone would she have even mentioned “slavery” and “Jim Crow” in a speech about childhood obesity?

Who knew being fat was racial? Perhaps, Mrs. Obama, instead of tailoring your “Let’s Move” campaign to blacks with reminders of past injustices, you could really just say obesity is a societal issue within America. Instead of sugar-coating it as a result of “cultural changes” within our society, just call it like it is: Bad parenting.

Just as she rightly pointed out, parents used to make us get out of the house to play (probably for their own quiet time). However, now, buying a kid a “Happy Meal” to shut him/her up while he/she shoves crap down their throats and plays with included toy is the accepted substitute.

Your pitch would hold more weight if you put the blame where it belongs: With the parents.

Of course, with the NAACP, that is anathema.

Secondly, the NAACP has gathered the audacity to “approve a resolution at its annual convention condemning the tea party movement for harboring racist elements that are a threat to our democracy.”

Just turn the drama knob up to “11.”


“The proposed resolution states that the “movement is not just about higher taxes and limited government but something that could evolve and become more dangerous,” NAACP spokeswoman Leila McDowell said. Delegates gathering in Kansas City will consider the resolution as early as Tuesday.

Critics have pointed to signs carried by tea party supporters that mock President Obama and his Kenyan ancestry and to repeated questions by protesters about Obama’s U.S. citizenship.
The accusations intensified after reports that a tea party protester directed a racial epithet at U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a longtime civil rights leader, during a Washington rally in March.
“We have to get up off the couch. We have to demand the change that we voted for,” McDowell said.

Publicizing what it sees as racist and extreme behavior within the tea party is part of that effort.

The proposed resolution asserts that “hardcore white supremacist organizations have participated in and occasionally lead tea party rallies.” McDowell said the statement was based on academic research on the tea party movement and referred to a faction within the larger tea party movement.”

Yes, Ms. McDowell. Every time we see a Tea Party episode, its ranks are swollen with skinheads and “Sieg Heil” salutes.

And still, no one has provided any proof, with cameras, cell-phones, or all the media coverage, that Rep. John Lewis was the victim of any racially motived speech.

Mark Meckler, of Tea Party Patriots, sums up this effort quite nicely:

It’s a little ironic that an organization that has lost legitimacy through its own racism is trying to call another racist.”


The NAACP had no comment on the Black Panther voter intimidation in Philadelphia.

Third, in enlightened California, the state faction of the NAACP claims that marijuana should be legalized because too many blacks get caught using it.


“Legalizing marijuana is a civil rights issue, according to one of California’s most prominent African-American advocacy groups.

“We have empirical proof that the application of the marijuana laws has been unfairly applied to our young people of color,” Huffman said in an official statement.”

(Apparently, devious white infiltrators have been forcing “young people of color” to use and distribute marijuana throughout the state.)

“Although blacks and Latinos make up less than 44 percent of the state’s population, together both ethnic groups constitute up to 56 percent of arrests that are made for marijuana possession in California, according to the study. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has found that African-Americans use marijuana at lower rates than white Americans across the country.”

The study looked at the 25 largest counties in California. By its own admission, 90% of blacks live in these counties.

While the statement that whites use more pot than blacks across the country may be true, it is meaningless when compared to drug arrests in areas where 90% of the population is black.

If that population is using, who the hell do they think will get busted? The city’s lamp posts?

Last I check, it is not a civil right to smoke pot and get away with it, no matter what your race.

Don’t want to get caught? Don’t do it.

Lastly, the NAACP is now accusing governmental agencies in the Gulf and BP of not hiring enough blacks during the clean-up effort, and the ones they do hire are relegated to “tougher” tasks.


While at this point one should almost expect BP to be heinous through and through (Nice!), NAACP President Ben Jealous (Yes, his last name is Jealous) today leveled weighty allegations of prejudiced hiring against BP, the embroiled oil company responsible for the Gulf oil spill. Following a recent trip to the Gulf region, Jealous, who is currently in Missouri for the NAACP’s national convention, says he is now convinced that BP is hiring workers of color to do the most dangerous and taxing clean-up jobs.

In a letter to BP CEO Tony Hayward obtained by The Root (?), Jealous writes:

Workers of color tend to be assigned the most physically difficult, lowest paying jobs, with the most significant exposure to toxins, while white workers tend to be in supervisory, less strenuous positions.

Contractors of color are not receiving equal consideration for opportunities to participate in mitigation efforts.

While at this point one should almost expect BP to be heinous through and through (Nice, again!), it’s perhaps wise to take Jealous’ critiques with a grain of salt until actual data verifies the anecdotes.

Great line: “’s perhaps wise to take Jealous’ critiques with a grain of salt until actual data verifies the anecdotes.

In other words: No proof!

Ready! Shoot! Aim!

I would think cleaning up crude oil is a pretty nasty job for anyone.

Besides, considering this is all being over-sought by government officials appointed by Obama, our black President, you’d think this wouldn’t be an issue.

Just a few examples of an embarrassing organization trying to hold on to some semblance of relevance, lost long ago due to it’s own shameless pattern of demagoguery.

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