Documentary alleges fraud was rampant in early 2008 Democratic caucuses

In early 2008 rumors began to fly that the Obama campaign cheated in the early Democratic primary caucuses, allowing him to create enough momentum that he was able to take the primary win from Hillary. That Obama won all the caucuses and lost all the primaries gives some credibility to the charge.

Adding fuel to the speculation and rumor is a new documentary from a long time Democrat and documentarian, GiGi Gaston. Gaston insists she has irrefutable proof that the Obama campaign cheated and stole the primary from Hillary.

As Ed Morrissey notes, caucuses have always been prone to manipulation, and Democratic candidates have always used that ease of manipulation to get the greatest advantage possible. In that sense, the documentary does not offer us any new information. However, after witnessing Obama’s excesses in spending and disregard for the feelings and outrage of the American people, I have a feeling that whatever shenanigans Obama’s campaign was up to in the caucuses, I would not be surprised if it went beyond what anyone else did in previous primaries.

Update: I see one of the documentary’s producers, BettySueLA, commented on the post and is concerned that I’m not taking these allegations seriously. Trust me, I take Barack Obama’s corruption and voter intimidation very seriously. But caucuses are so easy to manipulate that the Democratic party should have gotten rid of them years ago. If they had and Obama had to compete with Hillary in voting only primaries, Hillary Clinton would have been the Democratic nominee. The question is, will the DNC get rid of the caucuses?

While I am sure the Democrats will try to steal votes in the November midterm elections by making sure the dead, felons, and duplicate registrations stay on the voting rolls so their votes can be illegally cast, the only way Democrats can win is if those illegal votes outnumber the numbers of people who come out to vote against the Democrats, and with all the anger throughout the country today, I don’t see that happening.

Which is why the Democrats are placing their hopes on a federally mandated universal voter registration system that will trump state and local voter registration laws. If they can gain control over the nation’s voter registration system, then we will have a serious reason to panic.

Now, as for the New Black Panther party members standing in front of polling stations: they can plant themselves in front of the polling station doors and stare menacingly at people until they are blue in the face, but they can’t physically prevent anyone from voting. They can try to scare people away from the polls but only if voters allow themselves to be scared away. Instead, voters should come armed with camcorders to document everything and then just stare menacingly back and walk right passed them.

Update II: I have to say I agree with Meiji_man:

But don’t expect us to get as worked up about this as you are because we’ve been complaining about this since long before you ever thought there was a problem.

For me it started with Gore’s attempt to steal the election in Florida, by disenfranchising the soldiers and sailors that defend our system of democracy. Then you see felons in Minnesota and the out right shenanigans there putting Al Franken into the Senate. This has been an issue for much longer then before Hillary got screwed.

Welcome to the Suck.

And let’s not forget how the Democrats stole JFK’s win with voter fraud in Illinois and Texas. Voter fraud has been rampant in Illinois for decades and is still going on, but since the victims were and are usually Republicans, the media doesn’t bat an eye.

Welcome to the Suck, indeed.

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