The End Of An Era

Vacation is a wonderful time, a time when you can do all sorts of things that you wouldn’t normally do.

In my case, I finally pulled the plug on Lee Ward’s much-lamented return as a commenter.

For some time now, I’ve been Lee’s “protector” within Wizbang. He’s managed to alienate (that’s a fancy term for “pissed off by pissing on”) every other author here, but I’d worked to stay the customary punishment.

And by that, I don’t mean that I argued that his value as a commenter outweighed his irritation factor. No, I specifically said I was asking them to stay their hands as a personal favor to me.

And, amazingly, they did.

But then last week Rick had had enough to hit back at Lee. With the help of a few commenters who kept pretty good records of Lee’s frothings from his tenure running Wizbang Blue (right down the toilet), Rick showed that Lee had not only said a lot of things about President Obama that he was now denouncing, but a lot worse.

In his response to that, Lee decided — once again — to rope me into a fight. Apparently he wanted me to beat him down again, as I had every time when he didn’t hold the power to simply ban me.

As I said, I’m on vacation. I don’t want to deal with all the petty shit I normally do.

He persisted in trying to ruin my vacation, so I dug deep into my suitcase, hauled out Olaf The Troll God’s Hammer (which was fun sneaking past airport security), and finally renewed his previous banning.

And just in case anyone wonders if there was any dissent among the ranks, there was not. In an e-mail exchange among the authors, every single one of us all agreed we’d had more than enough of his trollings and lies and hypocrisy and racism.

At several points, I have made an offer to Lee: if he goes away and starts his own blog, I’ll give him a bit of linky-love to get him started. Let him have his own site to tell his laughingly-styled “truth,” and I’d point him all the readers he thinks need “re-educating.”

The offer’s still open, Lee. You have at least two of my e-mail addresses; when/if you get your own blog running, drop me a line and I’ll be sure to link to you. And if you don’t want to start your own, I hear Kos is always looking for new “diarrheaists” — after all, if this wanker can survive over there, you’d fit right in.

Sorry this took so long, folks. Among all the household chores, I always was lousy at taking out the trash.

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