Racial hypocrisy (UPDATED)

You might recall the media frenzy surrounding the alleged Tea Party incident occurring in March of this year involving racial epithets and spitting in the direction of Black Caucus members on the steps of the Capitol building.

You might recall the Southern Poverty Law Center calling for the rejection of the politics of hate and many in the mainstream media jumping on that bandwagon.

You might also recall that the much ballyhooed incident had its share of doubters and that in fact, there seemed to be more video available disputing the claims than there were substantiating them.

Let’s now fast forward to more recent times via the good folks at Flopping Aces:

Note that Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson, seen together in this video, were also the defendants in a prosecution dropped by Obama’s Dept. of Justice for voter intimidation outside a polling place in 2008. Note also that Mr. Jackson, the taller man, is a registered Democrat poll watcher in Philadelphia and an elected member of the Democratic Committee in that city.

It’s hard to square the large message of “PEACE” on the front door of one of the houses the two men leave in the video with statements by Shabazz that “It’s time to Kill Some Crackers! You’re gonna have to Kill their babies!” Archived views of Jackson’s web site (now scrubbed) are equally vile.

But even more troubling are the
accusations of J. Christian Adams, a former Dept. of Justice lawyer, who recently testified before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission that his political bosses at DOJ were “hostile” to enforcing any law where blacks victimized whites. “Payback time” is the attitude Adams observed while still at Justice.

With all the phony charges of racism directed at Tea Partiers without a shred of evidence, one might think that the same standard would be applied here. Especially when the New Black Panthers seen here are so willing to make their racial hatred public. In the Tea Party case, reporters sought out elected GOP leaders asking them to repudiate even the unfounded allegations. Can you find multiple examples of where elected Democrats are asked to do the same here?

The answer to that last question is an unequivocal no. 

I’ve not seen Congressmen denouncing the racism and bigotry so evident in the video.

I’ve not seen a mainstream media frenzy over calls to kill “crackers and their babies”. 

I’ve not seen calls for the rejection of the politics of hate from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Why is that?  Can anyone answer the question?

Wouldn’t it be great for Obama to step forward and charge the New Black Panther Party with “acting stupidly”?

It isn’t going to happen.  It doesn’t fit the meme. 

The fact is that only by degree are the ideologies of the New Black Panther Party, liberals in Congress, the Obama administration and the MSM different.  Only by degree.

It’s the only logical conclusion to come to given the absolute lack of outrage.

And it disgusts me.

I can see November from my backyard.

UPDATE: An appropriate cartoon from Glenn McCoy:


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