Link-Fest Saturday

Links, who doesn’t love links?

Hot Air writes about President Obama’s narcissism.

Reaganite Republican details the Court striking down the President’s offshore drilling ban.

Michelle Malkin warns about the racist Malik Shabazz.

Jumping in Pools writes about Obama’s plummeting popularity with Independents.

The Other McCain looks at the “grade” of our Congress men and women.

The Lonely Conservative bemoans another liberal group.

Instapundit has a video of Chris Mathews heading “off the deep end.”

The Daley Gator has a list of 178 government agencies that should be eliminated.

My Pet Jawa explains how Vuvuzelas are against Islam.

Liberty Pundits talks about stupid and unlucky criminals.

Iowahawk does it again.

Libertarian Republican has video of something, they claim, the MSM does not want you to see.

Jihad Watch writes about Islam appeasement on CNN.

Harrison Price has an article on Democrats and guns.

Right Klik details “Ten Buck Fridays.”

Applauding Obama's appointment of James Mattis to Central Command
NASA's new mission - Muslims, the final frontier