Meet Lee Ward – Asshat (UPDATED)

No… really:

So sayeth Lee Ward on March 18, 2008

Let me be the first to say it. It’s Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name that makes people excited and believing in Obama as someone who can cross new boundaries. His middle name. Not his unproven abilities, and not his non-existent “bridge building” track record. His middle name. Because it’s a Muslim name.

So sayeth Lee Ward on March 17, 2008

Obama didn’t object to Wright’s racist diatribes until Wright became a political liability, further proof that Obama’s talk of unifying the country is just another bullshit talking point on his road to steal the White House.

So sayeth Lee Ward on March 20, 2008

Geraldine Ferraro, who spoke the truth about Obama and was labeled by the Obama campaign as a racist because of it, is now striking out against Obama over his remarks in his great unifying speech earlier this week. Oh, sure they do — at least Barack Obama’s chosen mentor for 20 years does, and Barack probably doesn’t even realize the extent to which he himself has become a racist bigot as a result of 20 years of indoctrination into an idealogy that hates America.

What a hypocrite.Thanks Eric.

UPDATE: Some in the comments are wondering why devote a post to Mr. Ward. It’s pretty simple and I was hoping obvious… but maybe not… so here’s my answer.

I rarely engage in back and forths with people who really have nothing of substance to say and are clearly engaged in nothing more than the attempt to enflame. It’s all I see Lee doing. But what I found superb and worthy of it’s own post in Eric’s comments was how adeptly he skewered Lee’s gourd. He proved Lee to be a racist (using Lee’s own idiotic logic) or simply a liar or more likely both. But certainly a hypocrite, as was pointed out.

And I think what it proves is that engaging Lee Ward is a complete and utter waste of time. And this post helps prove that point. There’s no arguing with idiots. There’s no sense in trading insults with liars and hypocrites. Perhaps, once and for all, we simply use what Eric has brought forth as fodder for doing nothing but ignoring Lee’s projections from here on out.

Your call.

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