"Gen. Bolden is just a cog in this many-splendored Obama fantasy"

Paul Bloustein at the Washington Times:

Early in his tenure as America’s teacher-in-chief, Mr. Obama set out to apologize to Muslims around the globe and in so doing teach his American students the efficacy of redemption for transgressions visited upon Islamic countries that most of us never recognized and still don’t acknowledge. Gen. Bolden is just a cog in this many-splendored Obama fantasy, one that rewards Muslim countries today for scientific achievements made many hundreds of years ago.

Like teachers in our public schools who dumb down the meritocracy in order to build student self-esteem, Mr. Obama believes there is gold to be mined by raising the self-esteem of Muslims. So he co-opts NASA to this end. He insists that without the contributions to contemporary American society by our Islamic citizens we would be a poorer and weaker place, a judgment very few Americans share and one even our Muslim countrymen probably doubt.

Gen. Bolden should be wrist-slapped. Mr. Obama should be forced to eat falafel morning, noon and night.

Paul Bloustein, whoever he is, for President!

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