Jay Tea's Evil Thought Of The Day

The Obama regime’s decision to drop the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case — which they said was unwinnable after it was already won — could have some very entertaining fallout. From both their public statements and reports of what has been said behind the scenes, we are getting a picture of how the Obama/Holder Justice Department sees issues of propriety at the polls.

For one, it’s no big deal for people to show up and station themselves outside polling places while loudly proclaiming their political allegiance and preferences, even if it includes implied threats against others.

For another, black people will not be prosecuted for voter intimidation. Because historically black people have been the victims of these tactics, they’re to be given a chance to “pay it back.”

So, here’s my thought. Let’s have a fund raiser and buy this guy a ticket from Arizona to Philadelphia this November.

Won’t that be entertaining?

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