NASA And The Pony

In Rick’s piece, he savages the Obama administration’s agenda for NASA — which, it appears, has almost nothing to do with Aeronautics and Space. Instead, he wants them to focus on giving Muslims self-esteem about how they used to actually be pretty technically advanced before they rejected all that and embraced their inner barbarian.

Rick is right, that this is appalling. But every now and then, I like to feel a bit contrarian and go looking for the positive, trying to find the pony in the pile of horse manure.

And here, I think I’ve found a couple good points.

First up, this is an Obama regime initiative. That means that it’s pretty much doomed to epic failure from the outset. And in this case, one possible outcome would be to actually make today’s Muslims recognize just how far they’ve fallen as a culture. About a thousand years ago, Islam was the faith of the enlightened, the educated, the technologically advanced.

Today? They’re worse than Luddites. The only technology they embrace are those of weapons and death — or those things that can be used to further killing and suffering. Hell, there’s a running joke about the “Palestinian Space Program.”

Applied improperly, this attempt to “boost their self-esteem” could instead rub their noses in their utter failures as a culture. And that could wake them up a bit.

Secondly, I’m in general opposed to movements to “give self-esteem” to people. To my way of thinking, anything someone else gives you, someone else can take away. The only self-esteem that matters is that which you earn.

In this case, though, I find myself liking the idea of setting them up for serious disillusionment. It gives me serious warm fuzzies, when all that “self-esteem” blows up in their face.

In the big picture, Rick’s right. This is a horrifically bad idea by the Obama administration, terribly short-sighted and all too typical — take what should be “pure science” and replace it with social engineering, socialist gobbledygook at the cost of serious green from the taxpayers.

But it ain’t guaranteed to be all bad…

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