Happy Independence Day Links

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend with family and friends. Take a few minutes between the grilling and swimming and whatever else you might be doing to think about all the reasons to be thankful to be living in the United States of America. Here are a few links to help you celebrate:

Andrew Breitbart launches his latest blog, Big Peace, featuring veteran Blackfive bloggers, Matt Burden and Jim Hanson, foreign and defense policy expert Frank Gaffney and editor Peter Schweitzer. Breitbart has assembled a first rate team so I am looking forward to great things from Big Peace.

Andrea Shea King has some good Independence Day posts at Radio Patriot, but I thought this rooftop flag was really cool.

Michelle Malkin has a patriotic post as well as a Bush Derangement Syndrome fireworks post by Doug Powers.

Happy 4th of July with quotes from some patriots from Terresa Monroe Hamilton at NoisyRoom.

John Hawkins participates in a blogger face-off on the definition of patriotism.

This blog post from Frank J. at IMAO is not about the 4th of July or patriotism, but I really like it and think everyone should read it. It is not just a sweet story about how he met Sarah K., but the final paragraph contains a great life lesson that we all should heed. Now that I think about it, we can take that lesson and apply it to the way we act as citizens and how much we can do if we are not afraid to fail or look like a fool. I guess it was a patriotic post after all.

Happy Independence Day!

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