Finally, a poll to believe in

Via Don Surber (and Larwyn):

So here is the Don Surber Poll of nobody with a margin of error of ±73.2%:

1. Is Barack Obama doing a good job?

Democrats: Yes.
Republicans: No.
Independents: Undecided.

2. Where was Obama born?

Conservatives: Kenya.
Moderates: Hawaii.
Liberals: In a manger.

3. Who is the woman you admire most?

Liberals: Michelle Obama.
Conservatives: Sarah Palin.
Gay men: Liza Minnelli.

4. Is Obama a socialist?

Democrats: No.
Republicans: No.
Independents: Not sure.

4A. If you said Obama is not a socialist, what is he?

Democrats: Moderate.
Republicans: Communist.
Independents: Still not sure.

5. How much is $1 trillion plus $2 trillion?

Conservatives: $3 trillion.
Moderates: $3 trillion.
Liberals: Less than the billions we spent on Iraq.

6. Who is the most evil man on the planet?

Conservatives: Osama bin Laden.
Moderates: The umpire who cost that pitcher his perfect game.
Liberals: Trick question. It should say men: Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck and that guy who cost the pitcher his perfect game.

7. Are we in a recession?

People working for a company: I hope not.
People without a job: Yes.
People who work for the government: No, now give me a raise.

8. Ginger or Mary Ann?

Most men: Mary Ann.
A few men: Ginger.
John Kerry: Mrs. Howell.

Nicely done I must say.

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