Signs of cultural decay

Look… before you get your panties in a knot over this… think like a liberal… be open-minded… understand the benefits of cultural diversity… ok… now you should be ready to read the following:

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has appeared in the form of “corrective surgery” at a premier American hospital. While we lambaste the practice abroad, some doctors are justifying its use and performing FGM in the United States.

In 1997, it was estimated that 168,000 women and girls had been or were at risk of undergoing FGM. This isn’t just immigrants bringing their cultural practice to the U.S.; as it turns out, FGM is being performed at an Ivy League university. This story demonstrates how our image-obsessed culture is encouraging the mutilation of young girls.

Dr. Dix P. Poppas, head of pediatric urology department at Cornell University’s New York Presbyterian Hospital, one of the premier hospitals in the nation, has been performing clitoral reductions — a.k.a. female genital mutilation — on young girls. The abhorrent practice, according to the good doctor, is humane because it spares girls from the humiliation of having an “oversized” clitoris. He claims the practice is “nerve-sparing” and that he runs tests by prodding and using a vibrator on the young girls after the surgery.

The surgery in and of itself is bad… but then we have grown men “prodding and using a vibrator on the young girls”…


Where are the feminists?  Where are those who decry the abuse of children in the Catholic Church?  Where is the media?

Has anyone see these people?


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