Kevin Costner is making a difference in the Gulf

Big Hollywood has details:

Hero of the Gulf? That’s certainly what it’s starting to look like. Not only has BP purchased 32 of actor Kevin Costner’s oil/water separators but they’ve tested the hell out of them and seem legitimately amazed at how well they work.

If that’s not reason enough to love the Oscar-winner, every time he speaks Costner’s natural humility, refusal to grab the spotlight for himself, and obvious sincerity is readily apparent. Below are some quotes from the full news conference.  I especially like the first one — the statement about how sometimes it just takes a regular guy with determination and a wrench to solve a problem. When’s the last time you heard a movie star deliver a well-deserved nod of respect to the always impressive common sense and ingenuity of everyday people? Costner respects doers at least as much as he does the beard-scratchers.

I’d like to thank the men. I’d like to thank their wives. I know they’ve been working night and day on behalf of their state… So thank you guys for using your know-how because there’s scientists and engineers everywhere and once in a while it just takes a guy with a wrench who’s just gonna figure it out. That’s what you guys represent.”

“That’s what this machine was intended for, to be a first line of defense against oil spills. It enabled us to protect an eco-system that cannot protect itself. We need oil … but we need water more. We cannot allow oil to choke the life out of the waters which sustain our quality of life both here and around the world. We have to find a way to get a grip on oil. No one feels this more strongly right now than the men and women who have built their lives around the plentiful resources of the Gulf of Mexico. This machine was designed to fight for you.”

A guy who obviously loves the environment and empathizes with the working man put 17 years and $20 million of his own dollars where his mouth is. And it wasn’t just the technology he was fighting. This is a David vs. Goliath story if there ever was one.

Go read the rest, especially the David vs. Goliath angle.  No clearer evidence for bureaucratic idiocy exists.

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