With Friends Like These…

The most fundamental obligation of the federal government is to preserve the security and integrity of the nation. The sovereignty of the United States, within its own borders, is the very definition of nationhood.

And right now, that is being challenged — successfully — on several fronts.

In Arizona, the state has been begging for assistance in securing its southern border with Mexico for years. And it’s gotten nowhere. Yes, under President Bush, there was at least some lip service, but now even that doesn’t happen. Hell, it’s just the opposite. The Obama administration has found one of the few things it has the stomach to fight for — they are insisting that not only do they have no obligation to secure the borders and enforce immigration laws, but no one else can do it, either.

And most disturbing of all, they have yielded a large swath of American territory to hostile aliens. A big portion of the Sonoran Desert is used by armed Mexican drug smugglers. The Obama regime’s response? To post signs ordering Americans to leave the poor drug smugglers alone.

Yes, that’s right.
We have identified a very well-used corridor that illegal alien drug smugglers use to bring weapons and narcotics into the US, and the official response is to essentially give them that stretch of land and order Americans to stay away.

A bit east, along the Gulf Coast, the BP oil spill is wreaking havoc on the shores of four of the five states that border it. (The currents and winds are protecting Texas, but Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are in the crosshairs.) This is a custom-made crisis for the federal government — a threat from outside any single state’s borders, crossing state lines, and threatening tremendous harm — but DC is acting almost lackadaisically. They are hemming and hawing at such actions as suspending the Jones Act, sending in assistance, and whatnot. Instead, they’re focusing their energies on throwing around the blame, using it as an opportunity to push their own agenda, and — incredibly — in some cases, actually fighting state’s efforts to protect themselves. They have tried to block Louisiana from building sand berms to fend off the oil (because, apparently, it’s better to get screwed now than possibly have problems in the future) and have turned back cleanup ships because they needed a thorough safety inspection first.

In what I’m sure is a wild coincidence, in 2008 Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama all went for McCain — and Obama only won Florida by less than 3%.

Those signs of weakness are not going noticed unnoticed abroad. Hugo Chavez, who has made America-bashing a fundamental tenet of his regime, has decided that the US just doesn’t have the stomach to defend its interests, its citizens, and its property. He’s been in a legal dispute with Helmerich & Payne, an American oil services company. He wants them to “renegotiate” their contracts; they haven’t agreed to give him all the money he wants. They’ve let their rigs sit idle until they can come to terms.

Well, that didn’t suit Chavez, so he seized the rigs and put them back into operation.

The lesson here is simple: don’t do business with socialist thug dictators like Chavez.

But the larger lesson is even more profound:

If you’re an American, don’t ever depend on the Obama administration if you find yourself in a struggle for your independence and freedom. If you’re lucky, they’ll ignore you.

If you’re not, they’ll either demand that you surrender those rights to them in return for their help, or side with your assailants.

Ask Arizona. Ask Louisiana. Ask General Motors. Ask Chrysler.
Ask the banks who were coerced into accepting “bailout” money.

How does the quote go? “I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

There’s an old saw: “if you take the king’s gold, you play the king’s tune.”

Or, if you prefer, “we’ve already established what you are. Now we’re just negotiating about the price.”

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