AP and Racism

Earlier today Alan wrote about Tim Scott’s victory in South Carolina and the implications on the Congressional makeup post 2010. Also in South Carolina, Nikki Haley, who is of Indian descent, easily won her primary. How does the AP choose to cover the news? With a story that begins (emphasis mine):

In a break from the state’s racist legacy, South Carolina Republicans overwhelmingly chose Nikki Haley, an Indian-American woman, to run for governor and easily nominated Tim Scott, in line to become the former Confederate stronghold’s first black GOP congressman in more than a century.

As Katheryn Jean Lopez says over at the Corner: “Next time let us know what your really think about the south.” Once again I’m tempted to express shock at the level of bias displayed by our national media but really who is shocked at this point? Apparently only small percentage of the population.

Authors Liz Sidoti and Jim Davenport should be ashamed of themselves. Do they start stories about German Chancellor Merkel with “in a break from her anti-semitic past” and “former Nazi stronghold”? I am reminded of that old ‘joke’ where someone asks a man “So, have you stopped beating your wife?” What response is there to give?

The sad truth is that Sidoti and Davenport probably don’t even see themselves as biased. Which makes me wonder if I should be angry with them or just pity them.

Update: Comments closed due to idiocy.

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