All atwitter about the World Cup

If you were unable to watch the World Cup, I just saw on Twitter that the US just defeated Algeria 1 – 0 to advance to Round 16. I don’t completely understand soccer, or football if you’re European, but I’m thrilled that the US is doing so well. It must drive the rest of the world nuts.

From ESPN:

Landon Donovan scored in the first minute of stoppage time off a rebound, advancing the United States to the second round at the World Cup with a 1-0 win over Algeria.

With the U.S. perhaps three minutes from elimination, Jozy Altidore was stopped on a breakaway by goalkeeper Rais Bolihi. Donovan hustled in and kicked in the rebound to win Group C Wednesday.

After his U.S. record 44th international goal, Donovan joyously ran to the corner flag and his teammates ran down the touchline to mob him. Donovan was in tears when the game ended and the United States had moved into the second round.

With just its fifth shutout in World Cup play, the United States (1-0-2) won a World Cup group for the first time since 1930 and will face the runner-up in Group D this weekend.

England (1-0-2), which beat Slovenia moments earlier, also had five points but finished second because the U.S. scored four goals to two for the English. Slovenia (1-1-1) was third with four points, missing advancing because of Donovan’s heroics. and Algeria (0-2-1) was last with one.

Until Donovan’s goal, it appeared the officiating would again be the focus.

Update: From Hyperbolist‘s comment below:

Actually, no, Kim. The rest of the world likes the plucky American side, particularly after they were robbed of a goal by an incompetent referee in their match vs. Slovenia. I watched it at a bar in Chicago and despite half the crowd being ex-pats, everyone was enraged at the officials and were upset with the game ending in a tie. At my office here in Toronto this morning, my friends and I sat in the board room cheering for the Americans, and were thrilled that Donovan was able to capitalize on his well-deserved opportunity.

That’s good to know. I’m glad to make the correction, even though the rest of the comment went down hill fast from there.

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