Froma Harrop – Uninformed Dumbass of the Day

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You know there’s an old saying. It’s better to be thought the Dumbass of the Day than open your uninformed mouth and remove all doubt.

Froma Harrop decided to forsake that advise. In a mind numbingly stupid column, she identified the real culprit of the Gulf oil spill…. The State of Louisiana.

A modest proposal: The federal government should take over Louisiana. Might as well, at this point.

“We will do whatever is necessary to help the Gulf Coast and its people recover from this tragedy,” President Obama said this week from the Oval Office.

Louisiana has had more than its share of tragedies in recent years, and some, such as Hurricane Katrina, could be deemed acts of nature. But whatever the cause, every calamity that befalls Louisiana is made worse by its corrupt civic culture.

HUH? How exactly has “Louisiana’s corrupt civic culture” made the spill worse? The dumbass doesn’t say. Silly me, I thought the people screwing it up were from Great Britain and Chicago.

Does she blame Florida, Alabama or other Gulf states for the spill? Nope. The uninformed dumbassery continues:

It’s hardly news that Louisiana’s political class is not all it could be. But there comes a time when the U.S. taxpayer can no longer write blank checks to cover its dysfunction.

Louisiana should be a rich state. It has the climate, location, waterfront and all-around beauty that any director of economic development would die for. But Louisiana doesn’t seem able to move beyond its dependence on oil.

Did I mention she was uninformed? Mining (including oil and gas) accounts for just 16% of the state’s GDP. But research is over-rated.

And as for the ‘blank check’ uninformed doesn’t begin to describe her. While other oil producing states get a 50% royalty on oil produced in their state, Louisiana gets just 1%. — Give us the same deal the other states get and you’ll see streets lined with gold.

But then the Uninformed Dumbass brings out the most Uninfomred Dumbass argument of them all…

Much of southern Louisiana is under sea level and periodically floods. No sane person would build in these low-lying areas were it not for the federal taxpayer, who subsidizes flood coverage where private insurers would never tread.

Sigh…. Does she actually do any research to see which states flood the most? Nope. Does she mention any other states that might flood more? Nope. Does she ever mention the state of Pennsylvania and how much it floods? Nope.

But the final uninformed insult to our intelligence was that after a week of stories about Louisiana finally ignoring the Feds and just taking matters into our own hands to clean up the mess, the arrogant uninformed Froma Harrop titles her blog post (which will remain linkless) “Louisiana can’t take care of itself.”

OH? She didn’t mention we commandeered our own Navy because nobody else was putting the boats to work. (funny link btw) — She also doesn’t mention our Coonass Engineering Department which has invented one of the most effective oil sucking devices ever*… until the Feds shut them down.

No… Froma Harrop couldn’t be bothered to do any research or get any facts on her side to say anything intelligent… She just threw out a bunch of tired, bigoted, cliched insults to a southern state and basked in the glow that she was so much smarter than the folks in Louisiana.

But in reality… She’s just a dumbass.

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* I can’t find a picture of it but some Coonasses figured out if you took a couple a standard vacuum trucks and parked them on a standard barge that (duh) you had a pretty efficient way to go vacuum oil… and it worked great until the Coast Guard freaked out. I’ll look for a picture.

Oh… And Mrs.Harrop if you read this and object to my name calling.. Well.. I have few links just for you. – But I doubt you’ll get it.

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