Dereliction Of Duty

There’s a running gag among political pundits about how the Libertarians plan to take over the government — and then forcibly leave you alone. It’s amusing, but — like all jests — there’s a grain of truth to it. Libertarians tend to seek power so they will NOT exercise it, taking it to deprive others of it.

And oddly enough, the Democrats in power today seem to be, in some ways, trying to fulfill that. But, being Democrats, they are failing miserably.

Even the staunchest libertarians recognize that there are legitimate functions for the federal government. They aren’t anti-government, they’re anti-big government nosing its way into matters where it has no Constitutionally-mandated interest. But that acknowledges that there are areas where the government does have interests and responsibilities.

And it seems in those areas that the Democrats are abandoning their responsibilities, as the reigning party.

For example, by federal law, Congress is supposed to introduce its budget by April 15 each year. The president usually tosses out his plan, then Congress goes to work and the end product bears almost no resemblance to how it started.

But over two months past that deadline, President Obama hasn’t submitted a budget, and Congress hasn’t put forth its own.

In Arizona, the biggest fight is over the securing of their southern border. “Provide for the common defense” is right there in the preamble of the Constitution, and there are few obligations upon the federal government greater than the security of the nation. But the Obama administration (like several of its predecessors) is willing to ignore that obligation. But unlike those preceding administrations, the Obama administration is willing and eager to fight not only for their right to do nothing, but to deny anyone else the right to fix the problem.

With the Gulf oil spill, the Obama administration has plenty of resources to fight the disaster, either at its fingertips or there for the asking. Other nations have offered us skimmers, booms, and their expertise and know-how. Volunteers want to go to the Gulf and help with the cleanup. But they are being ignored — not even turned away, but utterly ignored — while the Obama administration focuses instead on fixing the blame, arranging financing for future “reparations,” demonizing BP (and, by extension, Big Oil), and talking about lofty, pie-in-the-sky, long-term, future energy plans.

There’s another political aphorism that I find largely true: “conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.” It tends to go a long way towards explaining some of the political fights we have.

But in the above cases, the actions don’t seem to fit into the “stupid” or “evil” model. They aren’t unrealistically idealistic, or morally reprehensible. They lack the coherence of either paradigm.

No, the only term that unifies them seems to be a complete separation from reality. A total disconnect from cause and effect.

Or to use a simpler term, insane.

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