"Turning The Corner On The Gulf Oil Spill?"

That’s the headline from a story in the Washigton Post this morning.

Has the president turned the corner on the oil drilling crisis?

This week’s schedule for President Obama suggests that the White House believes he has. After dominating the conversation in Washington all last week, the environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico does not appear front and center on the White House calendar.

But the administration is clearly expecting — maybe hoping — that the intense public attention on the spill fades a bit, starting with this week, giving them a chance to turn to other subjects.

The schedule put out by the White House on Friday includes no public events on the subject of the oil spill, though the president does intend to meet with lawmakers to discuss passage of energy legislation. The Gulf crisis is certain to come up then.

No events about the oil spill. The environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico does not appear front and center on the White House calendar.

Psst! Hey, WaPo… Guess what? IT NEVER HAS!

I’ve arrived at the conclusion that Obama is a sick man.

Obama has done as little as possible to convey some type of successful leadership during these two months. Turning the corner on the oil spill pre-supposes that the administration has actually been focused on helping local officials get what they need to mitigate the damage to the Gulf coastlines.

Instead, all he’s done is incessantly chant “BP will pay,” forcing the company to cough up $20 billion in a move which amounts to extortion. (Don’t even say BP freely agreed to it. BP would have been skewered had they not ponied up the cash after Obama barked out the $20 billion figure.)

Obama’s leadership can be summed up in two quotes:

“Plug the damn hole.”

Find out “whose ass to kick.”

This from a person who is touted as a “cerebral” thinker.

If by cerebral you mean detached, than I concur.

As for hoping the coverage and concern about the oil spill will subside, has he checked MSNBC or CNN lately?

Aside from whole segments devoted to anything and everything that can be talked about concerning the Gulf, the ubiquitous “oil cam” is a constant reminder that the gushing continues unabated. (Though I would not be surprised if, at the request of the administration, they were now taken down.)

This isn’t going away. Even if their was a lull in coverage, it would spike back up in August when the relief wells are scheduled to be finished. And, God forbid, if they don’t work, this will be an oily albatross around his neck for the rest of his surreal Presidential career.

That said, Obama has acted about as aloof as one could be during this disaster. He seems to have gotten “Gulf” and “golf” mixed up, the latter being his main focus numerous times since this crisis began.

In between the links, he’s taken in a nice baseball game.

And while the oil continued to gush, he was at the White House being serenaded by a flock of songbirds:

Artists from all genres and backgrounds joined the President and First Lady to honor Paul McCartney, including Stevie Wonder, the Jonas Brothers, Faith Hill, Emmylou Harris, Lang Lang, Herbie Hancock, Elvis Costello, Jack White, Corinne Bailey Rae, David Grohl, and Jerry Seinfeld.

(Obama): We’ve gone through a difficult year and a half, and right now our thoughts and our prayers are with friends in another part of the country that is so rich in musical heritage — the people of the Gulf Coast who are dealing with something that we simply had not seen before. And it’s heartbreaking. And we reaffirm, I think together, our commitment to see to it that their lives and their communities are made whole again.

But part of what gets us through tough times is music, the arts, the ability to capture that essential kernel of ourselves, that part of us that sings even when times are hard…

Yeah! Music will stop the oil!


For the love of Mike, you just can’t make this kind of shit up!

Here’s his next extremely important event tomorrow:

And Tuesday night’s White House celebration of gay and lesbian pride month should be an upbeat event for Obama. That constituency — which has been angry about the slow pace of some changes — is likely to be happier at this year’s version of the annual event, as Congress is on the verge of ending the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Maybe Obama can get all of his guests to donate some dil-does and ball gags for another try at a “junk shot.”

Obama is going down as one of he most tone-deaf, incompetent, and foolish Presidents in modern history. To fill the void of what he lacks in competence and experience, he believes that a wave of his magical word is enough to convince the country he is capable, one who knows better than everyone else.

The people of this country who voted for this meatbag full of short-comings should be ashamed of themselves.

The only way they can ensure redemption is by making sure, come 2012, Obama is toast.

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