MSM ignores Obama golfing while criticizing Hayward's yachting

Saturday we focused on Rahm Emanuel doing it, this morning we go to NewsBusters who focus on how Emanuel is leading the press down the same hypocritical path:

As NewsBusters previously reported, America’s media on Saturday had a collective hissy fit over BP CEO Tony Hayward having the nerve to participate in a yacht race on his day off.
At the same time, no such outrage was expressed concerning President Obama and Vice President Biden going golfing.

This double standard continued Sunday as the three broadcast network political talk shows all began with Hayward’s yacht outing while ignoring the President’s R&R on the links.

What follows are videos and transcripts of the opening segments of ABC’s “This Week,” CBS’s “Face the Nation,” and NBC’s “Meet the Press”:

Follow the link to see the collusion… and think how different things would’ve been if a Republican were in office.

So very different.

How anyone could trust the major media outlets for objectivity is beyond me.

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