Ships Of Fools, Part III: Hiding Behind Skirts

Well, the blockade-runners bound and determined to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza (so Hamas can get more weapons to resume their genocidal war against Israel). And they’ve got a new idea to thwart the Zionists: they’re going to send in a ship carrying nothing but women.

This is a tremendously bad idea, on two grounds.

The first is that the terrorist-enablers here are, unconsciously, proving the innate moral superiority of Israel. They are saying to the world that they do not believe the Israelis will attack women, even though those women are actively committing an act of war against Israel. They are saying that they intend to use Israel’s own morality and moral constraints against it.

And yes, I said “act of war.” Hamas is the legitimate government of Gaza. Hamas has said, repeatedly, that it is at war with Israel and will accept no compromises short of the complete extermination of the Jewish state. And Israel’s blockade — requiring that all goods sent to Gaza be inspected in Israeli ports, and all contraband siezed — is perfectly legal. By announcing their intention to run the blockade, Israel would actually be justified in simply sinking the ships. They won’t, of course — as noted, Israel is considerably more moral than its enemies — but it would be justified.

Anyway, we all know how women are generally treated under Islam. They are property — occasionally prized property, but property nonetheless. For example, in many Muslim nations, a woman cannot drive herself or even be out of the home without a male family member as a guardian. They cannot travel without permission of their father or husband or male guardian. If they claim to be raped, they better have at least two Muslim men as witnesses, or they will be considered to have consented to the act and confessed to adultery or fornication — and punished. A woman can be divorced by her husband proclaiming he divorces her three times — but she has no similar recourse to a bad marriage. And so on.

So here we have a bunch of willing female human shields, announcing to the world that they are placing their very lives in their faith in the innate morality and decency and principles of the Israeli military. And they don’t see the paradox there.

Secondly, and far more practically, they picked the wrong target to pull this stunt on. Because if there is a single force that is equipped to deal with this, it’s the Israeli Defense Forces.

Proof of the Israeli’s “ultimate weapon” that would utterly counter and destroy this little stunt below the fold.

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