Has Obama dropped a carton of eggs…

… or is he making an omelet?

I just had the most awful thought, Anchoress, and you were the first place on the net I thought to come…

I’ve been reading a lot about the Gulf tonight, and something struck me as very telling. A buddy of mine who is anti-Obama posted a few things about the Gulf on Facebook. His critical posts usually brings out a couple of liberal apologists. However, on the Gulf posts, none.

Then I thought about how horrified even the liberals must be, and how the Coast Guard is impeding possible solutions. Obama’s reaction (or lack thereof) seems impossible to explain. The health of the Gulf is at risk, as well as the economies of several states. How is this possible?

Then I thought of the time Stalin was asked about the millions dead, and he said that it was worth it to build socialism (paraphrase). You need to break eggs to make an omelet.

Is this not looking like it’s the only possible explanation for Obama’s “actions”? I’m sure I must be wrong, so I’d like anyone to point out the obvious factors that I’m not seeing, for whatever reasons.

Is he incompetent?  Or is he carrying out a master plan?

I believe it’s the former.

I do.


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