"the country is still redeemable"

Matteo takes us to this American Thinker piece that attempts to buck up some genuine hope for the American future:

When a republic elects an executive leader and commander in chief based on little more than an ethereal charisma, that nation gets what it deserves — a celebrity president who takes his office about as seriously as the fawning crowds took their votes. Upon such idiotic decisions great civilizations do indeed fall.

However, all is not lost. One of the most wondrous, yet inherently sound, facets of the American form of government is that mistakes — even of this magnitude — last only four years. And even though the damage of Obama’s incompetence has been exacerbated greatly by a lapdog congressional majority willing to sell themselves and the country out to make the president’s day, the country is still redeemable. When all is said and done, the Obama presidency fades into the sunset, and another presidential election comes around, Americans once again will have the chance to take their votes seriously and elect a proven, competent executive to fill the office of the presidency.

There is the chance that Obama’s election will have a spectacular silver lining for our republic.

At the end of the day, every one of these folks who rallied the votes for Obama — based on nothing but his skin color and teleprompted eloquence — have done far more damage to the cause of African-American parity than if they had refused to indulge their identity politics and had looked at the candidate’s bona fides with a skeptical, purely investigative eye. As Walter Williams wrote recently, due only to the liberal bent to encourage character and ability judgments based upon one’s skin color, gender, or any other artificial label, future black candidates will indeed be judged — whether rightly or wrongly — by the incompetency of Barack Obama.

This is inherently unfair. Obama is not a flailing president because he is half-black. His skin color has nothing whatsoever to do with his failure to lead coherently and competently. It has to do with him as an individual. Obama’s failure is the result of biting off a bigger job than he was ready to chew. What is happening to Obama is precisely what would happen to anyone in so far over his head in any job. It’s no more a black thing than it is a white thing; it’s no more a man thing that it is a woman thing. It’s an individual thing.

President Obama still has a couple of years to go in his term. Liberals may not be breaking up with him yet. They may require more epiphanies still. But once the spell cast by identity and charisma begins to fade, it’s a sure bet that the gut-wrenching, self-examining morning after is well on its way.

And in that, I think I see hope for America’s restoration.

I hope Kyle-Ann Shiver is correct. 

I hope that this hope is genuine.

I hope Americans will see the Obama presidency as a teachable moment.

I hope it brings serious change to our political system.

I hope in this hope and I hope it isn’t fleeting.

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