Spineless Republicans disgust me – Joe Barton should have never retracted his apology to BP

I heard about the man’s apology and applauded it… and then I hear that the Republican leadership forced him to retract it.

I’m incredulous.  I’m enraged.  But I’m not surprised.  The Democrats are corrupt and any objective observation of their actions proves it.  Yet the Republicans are pansies and this whole Barton affair is more than convicting.

If BP is found to be guilty of negligence and if it’s found that this negligence is criminal in nature, then BP ought to pay the price for that negligence and that illegality.  But it’s not yet happened except in the court of public opinion, a court influenced largely by a White House administration with an agenda and an accomplice media willing to overlook the mistakes and missteps of an administration failing criminally to fulfill their own responsibilities.

Think back in history to evils perpetrated by the likes of the Nazis.  Even they had their day in court.  Even they faced due process before found guilty.  But not BP.  Those in power who despised “Big Oil” well before this mishap are doing their level best now to bury the industry.  And the gullible and ignorant amongst us are lapping it up like a dog to a water bowl.  I’m disgusted.

Listen here to what Barton had said originally and someone tell me what in hell was wrong with what he was saying:

There’s not a damned thing wrong with what Barton had to say… not a damned thing… and yet now he’s been forced to back off what he said here… it’s outrageous…

Regular reader know what I think of Democrats.  Regular readers especially know what I think of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of them.  Regular readers know that I think more of a thimble full of warm spit than I do the Democrats in power today.

But after this debacle, after the Republican leadership throws Joe Barton under the bus, after they force him to retract what he said… the hell with them too.  They in fact at this moment disgust me more.

They’re political pussies.  Yes, I said it.  And I toned it down.  At this particular juncture, at this particular point in the political season, I’m hoping the whole damned lot of them there in Washington D.C. are defeated, whether it be this November, which won’t get here soon enough, or the next election when the rest of them hit the campaign trail.  To hell with them all.

They absolutely make me wretch.

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