If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, This Is An Encylopedia

OK, a brief break from politics.

I have recently discovered a brief video that addresses two major interests of mine, in a truly insightful and profound manner, and I have to share it.

The first it addresses is the amazingly fundamental way the internet is affecting us all — both as individuals, and as a society. So many people are spending more and more time and energy on the virtual worlds, and less and less in “meatspace.” A lot of people have more interactions with other people through electronic, virtual space — the internet, text messaging, cell phones — than in actual face-to-face encounters.

And it’s making great changes in our perceptions of ourselves and each other. There are people who prefer to keep themselves physically isolated, while still considering themselves to have rich, fulfilling social lives through their computers, their smart phones, and whatnot.

Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Or is it just different? Is it inevitable?

Regardless, it’s happening. And we can’t just ignore it.

The other matter this video brings to sharp relief is another matter that has been an interest of mine for… let’s see… carry the seven… about 30 years now, and affirms this very long-standing bias of mine:

Redheaded women are hawt.

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