Invasion USA


Absolutely unbelievable.

Heavily-armed foreign nationals invade the US, and what is the federal government’s response?


Signs that warn Americans to stay out of American parkland because of the danger of armed foreign nationals within.

Not surprisingly, the signs are printed on white. White, the color of surrender.

And these aren’t poor people, just looking to support their families. These aren’t migrants doing the jobs Americans won’t do. These aren’t refugees looking to escape poverty and violence. These are armed invaders. This is reconquista.

What this is, is the paranoid ravings of the right-wing militia nuts come to reality.

Which brings an interesting idea to mind.

The federal government has, in essence, declared a very large stretch of American territory as too dangerous for Americans to visit, because of foreign invaders. Why not just formally declare it conquered territory, and keep civilians out?

Then bring in a bunch of those militia nuts and let them do what they’ve been bragging they’ve been training for. Declare the whole area a free-fire zone, send in the militias, and everybody wins.

Hell, put the whole thing on pay-per-view, and we could almost pay for Obama’s fantasy programs. Well, some of them, anyway.

All semi-kidding aside (come on, the idea of those militia nuts mixing it up with the Mexican drug cartels in an area with no innocents is the ultimate win-win scenario), this is absolute proof that Arizona has the right idea: the federal government is staunchly refusing to live up to its obligations to secure the borders and defend our nation. Confronted with an ongoing de facto seizure of American territory by armed foreign nationals, the response isn’t law enforcement or soldiers, but big old signs telling Americans to stay the hell out of our own territory and please don’t bother the invaders.

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