Unleash the private sector to clean up the Gulf

A little over a week ago on June 5th, the White House confirmed that Barack Obama knew within 24 hours after the Deep Water Horizon rig exploded that the oil well would leak continually at least through August and would likely cause an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. Yet, the president didn’t inform the American people. Rather, he just accepted BP’s determination that the leak could not be stopped. In response, I wrote this at my site:

Even if there were nothing Barack Obama could have done to stop the leak, there were plenty of things he could have done to at least try to minimize the environmental impact of the leak. He could have addressed the American people to prepare them for the potential environmental devastation this spill could cause. He could have ordered the mobilization of as much of the government’s resources as possible and put out an SOS to private companies and organizations with expertise in disaster clean up to try to prevent the oil slick from entering the gulf’s coastal waters. With the advanced notice that he was given, he could have had them ready and waiting.

Tonight, Mike Huckabee dedicated his entire show to the various products that private citizens and companies have developed that, if implemented right away, could have prevented a large portion of the devastation to the Gulf Coast. He had people demonstrate products made out of organic materials that if laid on top of the water will soak up oil and leave the water. One such product is, believe it or not, hay. Here’s a video explaining how it works. These same two guys did the same demonstration on Huck’s show as well:

These same two gentlemen also demonstrated other products, including super-shammy, if you will, and a recycled carpet fiber product. Both of those products were created to absorb the oil instead of the water.

The last product Huckabee highlighted was the most technologically advanced. Ecosphere is a company that manufactures mobile water and oil separation machines that can clean over half a million gallons of water a day. Troy Aikman’s and Drew Bledsoe’s support helped get this technology more exposure:

It was a fascinating show that demonstrated that the answers to this gulf oil spill lie within America’s entrepreneurs and private companies. As I said last week, if President Obama had gone on television within days of the original explosion and put out an SOS to America’s private sector, chances are he would have gotten far more control over this situation much sooner and the Gulf Coast’s beaches and marine life wouldn’t be at risk of being permanently destroyed.

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