Rudy Giuliani on Obama's handling of Gulf oil crisis: "There seems to be a schizophrenic atmosphere to the way this emergency's been handled."

NECN asked Rudy Giuliani his thoughts on how Barack Obama has been handling the Gulf oil crisis. He answered bluntly and in a way I think most Americans would agree with. Say what you want about Giuliani’s personal life, when it comes to handling a crisis, few have the knowledge and experience he does.

Here’s part of the transcript as reported by NECN:

Giuliani says the federal government has failed the American people in its handling of the crisis, and that’s mainly because of the President.

“The Obama administration has gone from putting BP in charge to condemning BP to prosecuting them for crimes or investigating them for crimes,” said Giuliani.

“I wrote a book on leadership and I would say if I wrote another one, I would use this as an illustration of the exact opposite of leadership,” said Giuliani.

“The American people are entitled to better than this,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani also claims this is just the latest instance where President Obama has failed to lead, also citing the failed Christmas Day attack in December.

Rudy Giuliani is spot on. Obama has been flailing all over place on this. Just like former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco during hurricane Katrina, it’s clear Obama is in way over his head.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

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