On the mega-mosque being built at Ground Zero

If you’re a little sketchy on the details about the mega-mosque that is supposed to be built at Ground Zero, Vinny Ferrari at Insignificant Thoughts provides all the information you need to know so you can get the entire picture. And it’s a disturbing one, to say the least:

One more thing. If the information Vinny just gave you isn’t unnerving enough, here’s another little nugget: it’s been established that the founder of the Ground Zero mega-mosque is funding a group that helped organize the flotilla.

Update: If New Yorkers want a preview of what they may be getting with the proposed Ground Zero mega-mosque, they only need to read this article at the American Thinker. Stella Paul takes a closer look at how the mega-mosque that was built in north Boston not too long ago is going. Here’s a portion:

All signs point to a repeat of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center debacle, in which Mayor Thomas Menino practically gave away city-owned land worth $2 million to the Islamic Society of Boston, whose founder Abdurrahman Alamoudi currently sweats out a 23-year prison term for terrorist crimes. Mayor Menino donated the public’s land for the construction of the ISB mosque — excuse me, “Cultural Center” — with the standard pleas for diversity, healing, peace, and frolicking unicorns. Of course, he didn’t bother to investigate the peaceful healing record of the Middle Eastern men he was donating to: ISB Trustee Yusuf Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who’s been banned from the U.S. and dubbed “the theologian of terror” by the ADL; ISB Trust President Osama Kandil, director of an Islamic charity designated as terrorist by the U.S. government; and ISB Trustee Jamal Badawi, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial. But the mayor’s speeches sure sounded pretty, and that’s what counts.

When the Boston Herald and local Fox Network affiliate began exposing the ISB’s nasty connections, the ISB responded with the typical relish of democracy’s free speech hurly-burly we’ve come to expect from these types: They sued every single one of their public critics, including a refugee Muslim scholar who had translated some of their anti-Semitic, anti-American literature to enlighten the citizenry. Their brass-knuckles intimidation worked beautifully: the media went silent on reporting anything negative about the ISB, while the private citizens they sued were ordered by lawyers to keep daintily quiet. The ISB bigwigs sashayed to their opening ceremony in June 2009, where they were fulsomely feted by top politicians, Harvard scholars, and Christian and Jewish clergy.

So how’s that new mosque working out for the Boston taxpayers who donated the valuable land? Well, there’s hardly a dull moment around this hardworking bunch. One month after the mosque’s opening, one of its biggest donors, Oussama Ziade, was indicted for taking cash from al-Qaeda’s top fundraiser, Yassin Qadi. The son of the Islamic Center’s vice president was arrested in October for plotting to murder shoppers in New England malls. And the Boston-based “Grey Lady of Al Qaeda,” Aafia Siddiqui, who was convicted of trying to murder FBI agents in Afghanistan, enjoys the warm support of Imam Farooq, a leader in the local Muslim American Society (MAS), which controls the ISB Cultural Center.

But for politicians who want to grovel before perpetually aggrieved Muslim groups, the ISB Cultural Center is a godsend: a conveniently located mega-mosque packed with thousands of worshipers they can simultaneously appease. And thus it came to pass that on one glorious May morning in 2010, Governor Deval Patrick was graciously granted an audience before 1,100 worshipers in a collective snit over the recent arrest of two Massachusetts Muslims linked to the Times Square bombing. They demanded their rights! They demanded the governor’s “Recognition of our presence, our pain and our power.”

Administering a high-stakes pop quiz to Governor Patrick, they insisted on an instant yes-or-no commitment on seven massive policy shifts. Would the governor grant them special privileges in the workplace, financial sector, schools, and with the police? Governor Patrick, who, like Barack Obama, is an African-American Harvard Law grad whose campaign was managed by David Axelrod, instantly capitulated on everything. Yeah. Sure. Shrug. Whatever.

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