Boobs On Boobs

I often peruse sites like the Huffington Post to take the pulse of the frothing lefty freak-a-zoids we have running rampant in our beloved country.

Needless to say, you can bet on some sort of Sarah Palin trash talk. A day in the life for these crazies wouldn’t be complete without throwing substantial kookie feces at her.

Today is no different, but, it’s not about her politics they are complaining about.

It’s her breasts.

Seems Sarah attended the Belmont Stakes to enjoy the ponies.

And a picture of her has set off a firestorm of controversy over the size of the grandmother’s bosoms.

Nope. Not kidding. This is the level to which they have sunk in order to demean her today.

Sarah, wearing a white tee-shirt, glistening with attractive feminine sweat, appears to, at least to the lefty loons, gone up and gotten herself a boob-job.

Mind you, she has had five children. In addition, as far as I know, if a woman is in her “cycle,” the mammary glands tend to enlarge a bit. And at certain angles, a picture can make anything seem “different.”

If you Google Sarah Palin, there are 392 articles obsessed with this implant “theory.”

Most articles that I read have come to the conclusion that her physique has, indeed, been altered.

They compare this current picture to other photos of her, which, most all are of her dressed conservatively. They compare it to the Newsweek photos, in which she is wearing a jogging outfit, no doubt wearing a sports bra.

And they conclude that there is no way she could, in several older photos, be “petite,” while in the current photo show ample enlargement.


Is there anything they won’t pounce on concerning this woman?

Personally, I think Sarah is beautiful, intelligent, with a knack for putting issues in perspective that actually makes sense, while driving the left bonkers.

That the left has to pound her down with frivolous accusations that she has manipulated her body in a “vapid” matter shows they have no answers for the powerful political effect she projects.

The pictures below show Sarah au naturel. The one causing the commotion is on top, and the bottom one I found of her visiting troops in Kuwait doesn’t show any difference, effectively negating speculation as to whether she had some recent work done.


Whew. Busty Sinclair.

Of course, you’ll never have these same outlets vilifying Nancy Pelosi injecting gallons of Bo-Tox into her embalmed face, or John Kerry flattening out his forehead with injections, or “Plugs” Biden seeding hairlings.

Come on. Is this all they got?


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