In Memoriam: Hugh Slatery


Wizbang author Hugh Slatery, who published here as HughS, died suddenly Sunday evening. Hugh was 53 years-old, and is survived by his mother, his three children and their mother, two brothers, and a niece and five nephews.

Tuesday I received the following message from Danita Slatery:

On behalf of Hugh and my children I thank you all for your prayers and love. Needless to say we are in shock. Please pray for our children and peace in their hearts.

Hugh died Sunday at 7:35 pm. He had our children most of the week due to my mother being air lifted the Sunday before to U Of L hospital. I had all the children with me visiting my mother for the first time. Hugh had taken the children to church Sunday morning, then out to lunch and brought them to me. He was going to meet me half way between Louisville and Lexington around 6pm or so to get the children from me and I was returning to Louisville to spend two nights with my mother. Leaving later than we planned it was about 7 pm when I told the children we’d call their dad. My phone rings about two minutes later from Hugh…………It was a doctor in the ER at St Joe. Hospital. Hugh had given him the phone to call me. I went into the hallway and the doctor told me Hugh would be going to surgery. Hugh had called 911 from home, when he arrived at the hospital they realized that it was not a heart attack it was a rip in his aorta valve. I asked the doctor to put the phone up to Hugh’s ear. I told Hugh that we loved him and we are on our way………God is with you but we are coming right now………we love you.

I went back into mom’s room got my children and left. We got in the elevator and we all held hands and I prayed for Gods grace favor and protection. When we got in the car I told them that their daddy was in the hospital and that’s where we are headed to see him. About 10 minutes later I received the call that Hugh did not make it to surgery. I kept driving to the hospital without telling my children. When we arrived people were waiting for us. we were taken back into a room and all the doctors came in. Our oldest child was inconsolable……….please pray for my children………they love their daddy and he loved them.

Needless to say everyone of the authors at Wizbang is stunned and saddened. We’ve been in contact with Hugh’s family and have let them know how dearly we cared for Hugh and what a pleasure it has been to work with him here. They are all in our prayers.

Throughout the day we will be posting tributes, remembrances, and thoughts on Hugh’s life and sudden death. They will appear below this post, which will remain at the top of the site. There will be no other topics posted at Wizbang today. We invite you to monitor our blogrolled friends at the upper right side of the blog to follow other news topics.

Please be aware that Hugh’s family, including his children, and friends may be reading these posts and the comments. Some authors may choose not to open comments on their posts – that’s a personal choice that they will be allowed to make.

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We’ve had a little time to think about this as a group and decieded that a series of individual memoriam posts that examine Hugh’s life and death would be enlightening and cathartic. I encourage you to read through the following entries.

Rick notes:

I’ve learned he was a gifted writer, someone who passionately expressed his opinions but with civility and integrity, a man who substantively backed up his assertions and who was unafraid to engage those who disagreed with him, all while remaining cordial and courteous.

Lori Byrd writes:

When I saw Hugh’s picture in Kevin’s post it took my breath away. He looks exactly like I would have imagined, only much more handsome. I found myself crying off and on yesterday — first for Hugh’s family and their loss, then over regret that I didn’t know more about Hugh while he was with us and that I didn’t take more time to let him know how much I admired his work.

Dan Karipides offers :

Someone told me at the time that you never get over it, you just get use to it. That’s about the most accurate advice I’ve ever been given.

DJ Drummond notes:

While we each brought unique talents and quirks to Wizbang, we all came to know each other, first as acquaintances, then friends, and finally as a kind of family. So our family has lot a member, and we will grieve for him, even as we celebrate the worth of his words and spirit.

Shawn Mallow writes:

His contributions were special. Always insightful, with fastidious confirmations, and, when needed, bolstered with a wit that could cut through steel.

Jay Tea gives Hugh the ultimate blogger tribute, one last bit of linkage. As he puts it:

From one blogger to another, a parting 21-click salute.

Kim Priestap talks about the significance of one piece that Hugh didn’t publish at Wizbang. She writes:

And when you think about it, Hugh’s one simple and spontaneous expression of pride and love for his little girl, a whole of 15 words, represents what truly matters in this world, doesn’t it?

As some have noted, Wizbang is poorer for Hugh’s passing, but we are – all of us – richer for the words he left us and the time we spent engaging with him. Hugh gave a piece of himself to each of us who read his words. That’s a gift that I will always treasure.

I’d like to send a special message to Hugh’s three children. As you can see from the outpouring here and the family and friends who are comforting you now, your father was a remarkable man. We thank you for sharing him, however briefly, with us in the forum. It was an honor for all of us here to call him a friend and collegue.

As the person who kicked off the day with this post, quoting heavily from Danita Slatery, I’ll end the day by pointing you to Comment #81 from Danita who was nice enough to stop by today, busy though she may be, to read your kind words.

Hugh’s full obituary is available at the Clark Legacy Center.

Donation Information
In honor of Hugh’s life and legacy, donations may be made in his name to the scholarship fund of Lexington Christian Academy, 450 West Reynolds Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40503, and/or to Hugh Slatery’s Childrens’ Eduction Fund at any Central Bank location in Lexington, KY.

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