God's peace and comfort to the Slatery family

I confess, as a late-comer to Wizbang’s staff, that I didn’t know Hugh Slatery personally. In fact, what I know of him I know only through his posts and yet I’ve learned he was a gifted writer, someone who passionately expressed his opinions but with civility and integrity, a man who substantively backed up his assertions and who was unafraid to engage those who disagreed with him, all while remaining cordial and courteous. In other words, a man I wish I had known better, a man I firmly believe we should all emulate, a man I suspect to have been quite the mentor.

To his wife, his children, his family and friends, I pray that God’s comfort and consolation would be made manifest, tangibly so. My hope and prayer is that you’ll each soon find joy again. I suspect that as the shock wears off and as you recall the things that Hugh did, the words that he has spoken and those instances where he has touched your lives in some way, that moments of joy will indeed return and in a way that brings healing. Might God’s hand touch each of you and with it bring solace.

Rest in peace Hugh.

Thank you, Hugh
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