Early Goodbyes

How does one react to news of a unexpected passing? Kevin had the fine suggestion of reading through Hugh’s posts and giving him a voice one more time. I look through the list and my mind goes blank. While I can echo statements below from fellow Wizbang authors and editors that I only knew the online presence of Hugh, that has proven to make little difference in softening the shock of his death.

When I was a young man of 23 I spent a day, the day before Thanksgiving as it turns out, with my father. The next day he suffered a major heart attack and never recovered. He was 57 at the time. Hugh was 53. The parallels are too strong for me to escape. Someone told me at the time that you never get over it, you just get use to it. That’s about the most accurate advice I’ve ever been given.

I have a very good friend who lost his mother when he was just a young boy. It is undeniable just how much that affected him and his family. I read the message from Danita and my thoughts are immediately of the children left behind. I take comfort–if only a little–in the fact that they are surrounded by people who love and support them.

I’m afraid that I have no great words of wisdom nor comforting words of faith. I can only offer my thoughts to Hugh’s family and add wishes of health for you and yours. Thank you for your contribution here Hugh. You will be missed.

A Virtual Family
Thank you, Hugh