How Pro Athletes Are Different From You…


They don’t go to jail for breaking into closed donut shops at 3 A.M. in the morning…

Seahawks receiver Golden Tate was apprehended early Saturday inside a Top Pot donut shop in Bellevue, Washington. The problem? The donut store wasn’t open for business at the time.

Per the report, Tate received a “trespass warning,” but he wasn’t arrested.

As we hear it, Tate entered the store with another person and feasted on donuts. We’re told that the folks at Top Pot opted not to press charges, which helped Tate avoid arrest.

Must be nice to have that kind of lattitude. Tate, who attended Notre Dame, seemed like a mature kid who had his head on straight.

Maybe he just had the late night munchies.

On second though they better get him a drug tested pronto.

Via PFT and TMZ

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