Bad Choice For A Foe

In Worcester, Massachusetts, the teachers’ union is not happy. One teacher at the school is not a member, won’t pay non-union dues (according to the union, you have a choice: join and pay dues, or not join and pay slightly less for that privilege), and insists on his right to keep his job. So they’re trying to get him fired.

Bad choice. Because the gentleman in question is the guy who’s been running Worcester’s ROTC program for 14 years — and prior to that, spent 20 years as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

This will be an interesting showdown. I’m sure Major Godin learned a lot of things in the Corps, but I would wager that backing down wasn’t one of them. The union might have the law on its side for now in having absolute veto power over who can and can not “teach” at the school (part of Godin’s defense is that he is not paid by the school district, but by the federal government), but unions are not quite as popular among the general public as they have been in the past. There could be a bit of a backlash on behalf of the major.

Regardless, it should be an entertaining showdown.

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