Personal Tech Update

It’s… alive!

Well, I think I finally have the new computer pretty much up and running. (I think my mouse is dying, but that’s not too bad.) It took a few months of trial and error, swapping components and software, and more than a few sessions of beating my head against the desk for up to an hour, but I think I’m back in the desktop PC business.

Last fall, my tried-and-true Frankenputer finally gave me one too many headaches, so I replaced nearly the whole damned thing (the only internal components carried over were some hard drives). And now it’s finally fully replaced with…


And it’s a hell of a step up from my old Athlon XP 2000 setup. (Specs below the fold)

I’m still finding little, annoying quirks here and there, but I should be stable for a little while.

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NZXT Whisper case
750 watt power supply
Asus M4N78 motherboard
Athlon Phenom X4 9850 black edition (quad core 2.5 GHz, occasionally overclocked to 3 GHz)
GeForce 8400 video running Hybrid SLI with motherboard graphics chip
Dual 22″ LCD monitors
Windows 7 Professional (with XP Professional setup in virtual PC mode just in case)

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