God, I love this man

Trust me, watching this video is four minutes of your life well-spent:

No, no, it’s okay. You can thank me later.

“The teacher’s union is about the accumulation and exercise of raw power … When they say it’s ‘for the kids’ — 4% to 5% increases, free health insurance for life ain’t about the kids.”

All I can say is, it’s about damn time. In days past they called this kind of honesty “speaking truth to power.”

Someone ought to ask the New Jersey teacher’s union representatives how many textbooks, computers, musical instruments, or school buses could have been bought with the $6 million that they spent in the last three months to produce and air TV and radio ads attacking Gov. Christie.

You’ll also note the absence of Telepromters as Gov. Christie makes this extraordinary little speech.

I have a feeling that most Americans who have spent their adult years working within the system, trying to utilize the often feeble economic and political power that it accords individuals, trying to make the best of their lives and the world around them; those Americans would deeply understand the fight that Gov. Christie has chosen to undertake against Big Government and Big Labor — two truly huge obstacles in Middle America’s pursuit of liberty and happiness.

And after another two years of listening to our arrogant yet terribly weak, finger-pointing yet prickly and thin-skinned College-Professor-In-Chief who continually confers with one coterie of experts after another, yet regularly shies away from real decision making, a lot more Americans may begin to identify with Gov. Christie too.

And it will be about damn time.

h/t The Anchoress, Allahpundit

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