President Hedley Lamarr's Phoney Baloney Jobs

Great news! Non farm payrolls rose by 431,000 last month.

The not so great news: 411,000 of those jobs were census worker temp jobs.

While he was stumping in Pittsburgh on Wednesday the President had this to say:

“We expect to see strong jobs growth in Friday’s report,” Obama said in a speech in Pittsburgh. “This economy is getting stronger by the day.”

Temporary census worker jobs are phoney baloney jobs that do nothing to promote long term growth. The economy is not getting stronger by the day and the President knows this, but that won’t keep him from demagoguing about it. Once again we are reminded of the disconnect between this president and the private sector. It’s embarrassing that this president actually believes he can slide this rhetoric by what he must view as an increasingly gullible electorate.


My colleague Baron Von Ottomatic notes that the historically correct title of this post should be “President William J. Lepetomane’s Phoney Baloney Jobs”. I have been besieged by the local Chapter of Blazing Saddles Advanced Studies PhD’s for this error. In retrospect, Lepetomane and Lamarr are both suitably odious and comical characters to use in this post. My apologies to all Blazing Saddles aficionados.

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