Helen Thomas: "JEWS: GO HOME!"


(As a “journalist,” perhaps Ms. Thomas should do an investigation on the benefits of a mirror.)

Helen Thomas, old school matriarch of the White House press corps, is the mother hen of media liberalism on the national stage.

She is a brilliant woman, often coming up with intellectually stimulating quotes such as “We won’t really know what will happen until it happens. “

The wit and wisdom of Yogi Berra, delivered through a Broom Hilda mask. (No disrespect, Yogi, or Broom Hilda.)

Here is Helen proudly stating her view that the country of Israel really shouldn’t exist as, well, the country of Israel.

(Note to cameraman: Next time you interview Ms. Thomas, PLEASE pull the camera back a bit, to, say, Guam.)

The Jews should “go home.”

To where?

Poland. No, no, wait.. Germany.. No, wait a sec.. America..

I think it is safe to say that Helen has officially surpassed the stage in a liberal’s life called “bat-shit crazy.”

She literally believes that Jewish people do not belong in Israel.

Tell me again why Jewish Americans vote Democratic?

An old, bitter, deranged Jew-hater who realizes her brand of “media” just doesn’t matter anymore.

No analysis is needed on this one.

Her anti-Semitic views are there for all to witness.

(H/T Drudge)

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