Waiting for Superman

Economist Mark Perry runs the blog Carpe Diem, full of good news stories about the economy (yes, you can actually find good news sometimes). Today he posted a trailer for a new movie and a snippet of a review. Watch the trailer and see if it looks interesting.

From the review:

Guggenheim’s documentary focuses on aspiring students and their parents, mostly minorities, together struggling against the odds to get admitted into urban charter schools. Lacking the money for private schools, or move to the suburbs where the schools are better — although not always good — having only neighborhood high schools that are “drop out factories,” these Americans have very few options. For many their only option is finding a decent charter school. But the odds for these young students to get selected in the lottery for a charter school is often worse than for students applying to Yale University.

And the film has villains. The clearly marked, cleared attacked villain that stands in the doorway to reforming our failing system of public education. The two major teacher unions! The two major teachers unions that together are the largest contributors to the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party that refuses to support legislation to require teachers to perform better and the Democratic Party that refuses to support legislation for the more innovative, less bureaucratic, effective charter schools.
The director of “Waiting for Superman” also directed “An Inconvenient Truth”, but I wouldn’t hold that against him.
Coming this fall to a theater near you.

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